We believe that customer interviews are best done person-to-person

in order to respond to the emotional state of the individual on the

other end of the phone and to ask "why" questions to capture rich

information otherwise lost. And customer interviews are best done

by a third-party, if the desired result is an unbiased understanding

of what the customer experiences and believes.

Customers provide information that allows us to improve the

questions over time in order to uncover key insights. People

are not static. Our agile model makes it easy for us to react,

to be flexible, and to adjust the information. We tune, and then we

fine tune.

While the market is flooded with social media and electronic surveys that provide companies with tremendous amounts of quantitative analytical data, there is still a place for the personal touch. In fact, the qualitative information we capture, when mashed up with quantitative data, squares the value of all the information exponentially, increasing the value of insights gained.

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Our Philosophy