Our Approach

A Customer Insights Company

Every touchpoint with a customer is a teaching moment. Therefore, we take seriously the questions we ask and the way we ask them. Words matter. We pay attention to that. We aim for customer-centric questions, clarity, and objective truth about customer experience.


We work to develop an understanding of your company, your products 
or services, and we talk about the work you've done so far with your customers. We consult with you about your goals.


Question Optimization: if there is an existing survey, we put it through an audit, grading each question on its relevancy and checking for the potential of duplicate answers. We streamline and revise so the customer isn't fatigued with unnecessary questions. It's critical to minimize the customer’s effort while maximizing knowledge gained.

We work together to craft interview questions that reveal what the experience of doing business with your company is like for your customers -- questions that assess the current health of the relationship, uncover actionable insights, and convey to the customer the company's desire to always do better.  

Fixed-Bid Dry Run:

We set up a fixed-bid pilot project (e.g., a discrete number of customers) -- a test, in order to better assess whether our approach works well for you and nets you the kind of information you want.  An introductory email is sent by your company to the customers on the list, letting them know we'll be calling. 

We interview your customers in a conversational style, capturing their experience in their voice. Talking person-to-person allows us to respond to the emotional state of the person on the other end of the phone. We present all survey findings, including numerical rated responses, as well as any narrative provided by survey respondents and conclusions we draw.


Customer Insight Program: We roll out the survey to the remaining customers identified as being part of the survey program to bring all customers up to the same level of information. 

We forward immediately any heated comments/concerns that surface as a result of our work. (To create a feedback loop, these customers should be contacted by the company within 24 hours.) 

Per the interview plan we provide you the raw data, analyze all findings, and report those findings at regular junctures throughout the process. We provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results. For example: We draft summary reports that include an overview of survey data with metrics, identification of trends, and common themes.

Ongoing monitoring: With a good foundation of feedback from the initial interviews, we recommend biannual, brief interviews to establish an ongoing feedback loop. Our goal is ongoing measurement of customer satisfactions, trends and issues, and the strengthening of the relationship between our clients and their customers.