"... the insight we gain from the surveys is invaluable. As we look to growth in 2018 we are excited to have such a trusted partner to grow with us!" 

                                   Colleen Kranz, Director of Marketing at Renodis Telecommunications Solutions

A Customer Insights Company

80% of companies say they provide "superior" customer service. 8% of people agree.

For every customer who takes the time to complain, 26 others remain silent. 

It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

What is the experience of doing business with your company like for

your customers?

Q Squared Analytics works with B2B companies who want to reach out to their customers for deep customer experience insight in a more personal way -- to get out of the email and mobile fray. And we work with companies whose customers don't typically respond to automated surveys.

Our process is rooted to a thoughtful customer-focused questioning strategy tailored to the client's business goals and results in both qualitative and quantitative feedback. Customer interviews include standard metrics such as Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction, and Net Promoter, and we ask the very important “why” follow-up questions that are often left out and yield some of the most critical information we gather.