Mini Case Study #1

Quick information at a crucial stage

Customer: Sales Automation Startup

Situation: The client was unsure how their product was perceived by their customers. Were they perceived as a: CRM, sales force automation, lead

     management, enrollment management, or a marketing automation solution? Also, they needed to understand why they won opportunities.

Action: A customer interview with targeted questions to their customers.

Result: In fourteen days, forty-four interviews of their customers had been completed, indicating they were perceived overwhelmingly as a lead

     management solution, and that they won customers largely based on features. A ranking of those features by the customers was also provided

     along with the features, by industry, that their customers would like to see added.

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Mini Case Study #5

Recognizing Stand-Out Employees

Customer: Medical

Situation: Ongoing brief interviews to their customers to check on satisfaction and customer effort with regard to particular jobs. The contact at the

    client's company received pushback for discussing only negative feedback from the interviews during meetings.

Action: As requested, we included "employee kudos" in the daily report to our contact.

Result: Powerful reinforcement for employees who provide great service -- in the customer's voice.

Mini Case Study #3

Retaining New Business -- an extra touch point.

Customer: Sales Automation

Situation: Customer interviews to gather information for a startup

Action: A new customer hadn't used the system in six months because they were having a hard time running it. They were considering

     "cancelling the whole thing." By the end of the conversation, they said they'd be open to someone from our customer's organization reaching out to help


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Mini Case Study #4

A Lost Customer's Voice

Customer: B2B Professional Services

Situation: Ongoing WON and LOSS Interviews

Action: LOSS interview. The customer gave a detailed narrative of how our client passed on work when they learned the revenue would be modest. "I understand

      it, and yet it feels like they dumped a client . . . We wanted to work with them. I hadn't had that happen before with a vendor . . It makes me think I should hesitate

      to call on [them] in the future . . . With business development, even though it doesn't work one time, you never know about the next time."

Result: By the end of the conversation, given the opportunity to vent, the customer talked about the positive change she'd been seeing in the client's company. The

      client was able to hear, in their customer's voice, what the experience had been like from her perspective. 

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A Customer Insights Company

Mini Case Study #2

Value-add to sales

Customer: B2B Professional Services

Situation: Ongoing WON and LOSS interviews

Action: LOSS interview. The customer had stopped the process of evaluating vendors due to changes within her organization. As she responded to a

     high/low question about the ways in which the product either excelled or fell short, she talked about how it actually integrated nicely with an important

     internal system. She then came to the conclusion that with a new manager in place, it might be a good time to get our customer's sales rep in for a

     demo. She also provided specific talking points for the sales rep to use.

Result: We emailed the client with the information that day so the sales rep could schedule a demo, using the insight provided in the talking points